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12 Days of Christmas Cookies

ONE. Gingersnaps2012-12-03_10.23.50
Another favourite recorded in grandma wood’s recipe book from aunt Karla

TWO. Cranberry Lemon Shortbread2012-12-06_20.27.01
Original recipe calls for orange zest but I used lemon instead.

In addition, I also formed them into three 1″ diameter logs of 6-10″ length. After which, I froze them for about an hour before slicing them into <1/4" thins. For these bite size pieces, they were ready in 8-10 mins. Keep a close eye on them, they overbake easily – don't wait for them to brown to take them out of the oven.

THREE. Chocolate Crinkles2012-12-07_14.41.49
Recipe from Joy of Baking

For the chocolate lovers! I used Baker’s semi-sweet chocolates and medium amount of icing sugar to coat. Don’t be shy with the icing sugar, the ‘cookie’ itself is not very sweet. I would describe this as a brownie-cookie, soft on the inside; best eaten first out of the oven just because they’re nice and warm. This was the first time I’ve tried these cookies and I didn’t get around to forming and baking them until the next night but they have quickily become one of my favourites – for taste, ease and looks!

FOUR. Ranger Cookies20121209_124414
Recipe and tips found here

FIVE. Gingerbread20121209124902657

For houses and men decorating – great fun and yummy cookies too!

SIX. Sugar cookies2012-12-09 14.04.57
I can’t remember which recipe I used for this particular batch but this one looks pretty reputable. Again, these don’t require browning and bake quickily, be careful not to overbake.

SEVEN. Peanut Butter cookies
I reduced the recipe in half and still managed to make 4 batches ~ 40 rounded teaspoonsfulls (which baked and ended up being ~2″ diameter cookies). These guys took exactly 10 minutes, came up puffy (like the photo) but deflats into your regular looking peanut butter cookies. Super moist and chewy, delish!

EIGHT. Chocolate Filled Pecan Thumbprints

NINE. Almond Dark Chocolate Toffee

TEN. Lavender Macarons with Chocolate Filling

ELEVEN. Cornbread

TWELVE. Banana Loaf


Recipes and more cookies to come!

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