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This has been in the works for some time now (without any progress), but finally this weekend we completed our modern twist on an antique frame we bought at a second hand store. We took out the original backing; cut, sanded, painted (with chalk board paint) and framed in the new board into the newly painted frame. It current sits in the kitchen along with our “highschool clock.” With the two pieces sitting on the same wall, it really feels like school. The dimensions of the frame is about 2.5′ x 4′. Minimal effort with great reward, definitely a gem!


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Bubble chandelier

Not wanting to buy an off the shelf chandelier for our dining room, I searched for something a little different and more us. After months of searching, I found what I was looking for: Jean Pelle’s bubble chandelier. Not able to spend $4000 (including tax and shipping), I decided to make my own. During my research, I came across this! Without saying, we made our own adjustments… total just ~$100!

Hand blown glass bubbles can be purchased at CB2.

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Jumbo Abacus


After moving into our new townhome, I started looking for some original decor pieces. And that’s when I ran into the jumbo abacus from CB2. But being a combination of frugal and inspired, I wanted to make my own – that’s when I came across: Anything Pretty. Our frame is slightly different but the idea is the same (approximate size ~ 2′ x 3′).

Recently our guests have been using it as a drink counter, where all balls begin on the right, each person chooses one colour and each ball slid to the left counts the number of drinks consumed – a modern twist to a traditional tool! Everyone loves it! In fact, after seeing mine, I inspired two other coworkers to make their own!

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