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Ho Ho Ho, Holiday Treats!

2013-12-01 22.17.46

It’s that time of the year again – cookie madness! My little tin above features gingerbread people, red velvet whoopie pies with peppermint cream cheese filling, ginger chews, peanut butter and shortbread (two kind: regular and cranberry lemon zest. Most of the above recipes can be found on my last year’s post with the exception of a few new ones. This year I tried a few new recipes and they are cookie-monster-approved! How do I know? I live with one 😉
Here’s a few for now, more to come.

1. Almond Snowballs
2013-12-08 16.09.15

Word of warning, these delicate cuties are a little hard to form – will require some patience and finesse. Be gentle with them while handing the balls, prior to putting them in the oven – they may crumble easily. Having said that, the same crumbly-ness helps to make it more delicious!

Snowball Recipe

2. Soft Snickerdoodles
2013-12-08 16.57.11

Fresh out of the over, they guys remind me of mini cinnamon sugar donuts from the fair! Nice and chewy as promised!
Snickerdoodles Recipe

3. Sugar cookies
2013-12-08 19.23.21

This makes a pretty large batch. I decorated half with sugar sprinkles and saved half to decorate with icing sugar.
Sugar Cookies Recipe