Diaper cakes for expecting mommies

The year of babies. Atleast that’s what it seems like for people around me. You may know, I like to build cakes. So it was quite fitting to build diaper cakes when I got invited to my first and second babyshower of my life! I must say, they are a little tricky to build, but are sure fun and cute.

For the first cake, I didn’t prepare and shopped last minute. The shapes were odd and difficult to fit in, especially because I wanted to keep everything in it’s original packaging in case they change their minds (though I always follow the gift registry to a tee). As you can see, the pacifiers barely fit and are not very well hidden. That wasn’t the only thing that did’t fit very well. In fact, I had a set of toys that didn’t fit at all, had to put it in a bad on the side! Not bad for first try.

Gender neutral diaper cake #1 – for baby [Sam] Dieleman

For the second one, I learned and went shopping early. Bought a bunch of goodies based on shape, colour and weight. To build this, I sneakily removed the packaging from most items, but to ensure they wouldn’t have (too much) trouble returning/refunding, I put all the original packaging in a separate baggie. This worked quite well in the end!

Items I bought for cake #2 (I think it’s a boy!)

Sock monkey card

Diaper cake for baby Lee ❤

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