Artisan Bread Series

Cranberry Raisin Walnut Loaf
Adapted from this recipe

Few modifications:
– let biga starter riser @ room temperature for 4 hrs, then refrigerated overnight for ~ 12 hrs
– used 2 cups of warm water for dough
– used 1-1/2 cups of lightly chopped dried cranberry and raisin combined, 1 cup of lightly chopped walnuts; did not have any orange zest
– put dough in lightly oil coated large pot with glass lid, let dough rise in warm oven (heated to 170degF for a few seconds, to give slightly warmer than room temperature, and turned it off) for 3 hours
– couldn’t decide which rack would center the loaves: baked bread for 15 mins in middle lower rack, then rotated 180 deg (front of loaves now facing back of oven) moved up one setting to middle upper rack for another 15 mins to get even baking. (In the future, I will probably leave it in the middle upper rack since the top is domed, so less surface will be closer to the heat. Also, checked the temperature after 30 minutes and it was well over 190degF, will adjust baking time next.)
– placed bread on cooling rack over top of sink and cooled for ~30 mins (it wasn’t completly cooled, but I was anxious to see how it turned out); sliced it, let it cool down completely then put one in a Ziplock freezer bag and froze it

Cheddar Jalapeno

Adapted from this recipe

More recipe testers and tips still to come!

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2 thoughts on “Artisan Bread Series

  1. Angela says:

    bread! yum yum

  2. […] apple stuffing with english sausage For cranberry walnut bread recipe, visit my previous blog. 1. Toast ~ 10 slices of bread in toaster or oven until crisp on both […]

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