Lemon tartlets


Summer and lemons just seem to go hand in hand. For a summer BBQ, I made bite size lemon tarts for dessert. I used Grandma Wood’s “Never Fail Pastry.” I’ve tried the recipe before and quite liked it so here we go again! (Ironically enough, I did actually failed because I started off by dividing the ingredients into portions of 1/4 and forgot to follow though. In the end, I used the entire portion but the mixing was all thrown off. Either way, the tarts turned out well.)

Never Fail Pastry

5 cups flour
1 lb lard
1 tsp salt
1 slightly beaten egg
1-1/2 tbsp vinegar
Cut lard into flour. Add sald. Combine egg and vinegar in measuring cup fill with water to 1 cup. Mix into flour mixture. Combine well. Roll out for pies, tarts, etc. Should make 4 double crust pies or more. Can be frozen.

For the filling, I used the lemon filling recipe from Epicurious and it was fantastic, as is.

To top the tiny little tarts, I layered on about 1 tbsp of whipping cream and topped them off with a raspberry. The raspberries were quite heavy for the whipping cream (perhaps I didn’t shake the bottle enough), and found that the whipping cream slowly got crushed. I’d recommend putting the whipping cream beside the raspberry or eliminating it as a whole. The lemon filling was so good!


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