Pillowy Marshmallows

I was looking at the latest issue of “Edible Vancouver” magazine at my cousins’ house the other day when I was introduced to the idea of making my own marshmallows (recipe from magazine – I didn’t actually use this one).

After putting it on the back burner for a few weeks, I decided they would be a perfect fit for my friend’s upcoming babyshower this weekend – so I did! Like the baby, these treats are delicate, fun and sweet. The recipe I used is from Epicurious.

Tips & things:
– They were set aside at room temperature to cool overnight, 11.5 hours to be exact.
– I didn’t have a candy thermometer and just waited 12 minutes for the sugar mixture to boil.

Personally, I found them to be slightly sweet, but I haven’t received complaints from anyone else who’s tried them yet. In fact, someone asked me to make one for him with the size of 1′ x 2′, so he can rest his head on it when he goes to sleep. Others said they are comparable (if not better) than store bought!

Set aside uncover to cool overnight

Close up of its delicateness…

I am not a messy baker to begin with, but despite my efforts, I found splatters of marshmallow everywhere from my socks, to my pants to my appliances nearby. But perhaps my hand held electric mixer was too aggressive for the job, or that I needed an XXL bowl – not sure. Great recipe, easy to follow. I recommend a stand mixer to give your arm a rest!

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