Peanut butter + Jelly Wings

Seeing that the mac and cheese stuffed wings was such a hit, I tested out another classic favourite: PB and J.

The idea came after hearing about the variety of flavours offered by the “House of Wings” (in New Westminister, BC). After searching and reviewing, the combination didn’t seem that odd after all. I came acorss a blog that led me to Rachael Ray’s recipe.

Tips and things:
Mistakenly, I bought natural but crunchy peanut butter so I threw everything in the blender and gave it a quick whiz. Looked a little runny, will probably stick to smooth peanut butter next time. Having said that, I put the left over sauce in the fridge while the chicken was cooking and the texture seemed perfect – sticky icky icky! I also didn’t have red wine vinegar and substituted for rice wine vinegar (no comments yet, will have to try red wine vinegar next to compare). I used a family pack (~ 40 drumettes) and found it a right amount of sauce. Also, instead of reserving half a cup of sauce in the end, I saved ~ 1-1/2 cups and glad I did. Marinated for about 8 hours, but given the natural stickiness of the sauce, marinating for less may be okay as well (will test out different times). I bake it for 30 minutes, flipped and spooned ~ 1 tablespoon of sauce on each, turned the oven off and put them back in the over for another 10 minutes for the sauce to mend a bit better. Took them out and dipped them again in the sauce for extra gooeyness.

Served them at a birthday party for appies/munchies and they were devoured. Some were fascinated, some took convincing, and a couple just wouldn’t budge. Everyone who tried them loved them and I would definitely recommend and try them again (can’t wait)!

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