Angel Food Cake

We had angel food cake at a friend’s birthday a few months ago and that’s when I remembered how delicious and delicate it was and that I’ve never attempted to make it before. So then I did.

Few quick facts about this cake: no butter (good, ‘check’), no oil (good, ‘check’) and small amount of flour (good: ‘check’). However, it uses 10-12 eggs (1-1/2 cup whites only).
Angel food cake recipe

I wasn’t going to comment much on this recipe, I followed it closely and turned out wonderful and angel food cake pretty much speaks for itself, but I have heard that sometimes the cake will deflate. Few tips: temperature, whip, fold, cut and flip. Temperature: don’t be afraid to leave the eggs in room temperature for 30 minutes prior to whipping (ie. don’t use them straight out of the fridge). Whip: (or lack of whipping) don’t overwhip – once the stiff peaks are formed, stop yourself. Fold: add in the flour and icing mixture 1/4 cup at a time and fold it in. Cut: after carefully spooning your mixture into the pan trying your best to avoid air pockets, cut the cake from the center outwards ~ 15 to 30 times to remove air pockets. Finally, flip: after baking your cake, flip the cake upside down (still in pan) resting the legs of the pan on top of a cooling rack to increase air flow. This will help decompress and keep it fluffed up.

I baked mine for 40 minutes (without peeking) and it was excellent.

Icing recipe

I served it as a birthday cake. At the end of the night, there were 3 pieces left, so I wrapped them up to keep them fresh. But before long, they were finished in no time – no need to wrap!

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