Mac + cheese stuffed chicken wings


Watching an episode of Eat Street (one of my favourite shows, introducing unique food on street carts) on the Food Network, I came across a food truck called “2 Fat 2 Fly.”

Inspired to stuff my chicken wings with mac and cheese, I made my own recipe. These suckers are not the easiest to stuff, but the crowd was pleased! After cooking the mac and cheese (box of Kraft, extra creamy), then stuffing them into the raw chicken (from larger side of the two joints), I baked them at 350deg F for about 30 minutes and topped them with BBQ sauce and parmesean. Happy eating!

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3 thoughts on “Mac + cheese stuffed chicken wings

  1. ricka says:

    How do you stuff them

    • cinnibon says:

      They were tricky! To stuff, I started on the larger nub end (drumstick side) and used my finger to poke through. You can try losening the meat and muscle with a knife first. After creating a cavity, I again used my fingers to stuff the mac and cheese. I would’ve taken some pictures to show but my hands were super raw chickeny and mac and cheesey. Afterwards, I thought of piping them through a zip lock with a large opening, but I’m not sure how well that would work either. Hope that helps =]

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