Fondant cakes

My first two fondant cakes! Carrot cake covered with fondant (1). (October 2009)

Gigantic fondant decorated chocolate cupcake (2). I made them for my own 24th birthday – couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out ❤ (October 2009)

For Alyssa & Brooklyn’s 2nd birthday, I made elmo & cookie monster cupcakes decorated with fondant and chocolate chip cookies! (September 2011)

Combining his new found love for golf, with a little something on the side for the canucks… Happy birthday Eric! (June 2011)

For my neice Iona’s 7th birthday, a Hello Kitty ❤ (February 2011)

Celebrating Alyssa & Brooklyn’s 1st birthday, the Backyardigans! First time sculpting figurines with fondant proved to be very time consuming, but well worth it! (September 2010)

I used Grandma Wood’s recipe for Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake recipe. Super moist, easy and delish!

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